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Company History

FIG Tree Capital Ventures LLC is an investment services firm that specializes in helping accredited investors identify, evaluate, and acquire high quality direct investments in real estate, energy, and technology. We dedicate ourselves to helping busy professionals and high net worth individuals create long term cash flow, asset appreciation, and significant tax benefits. Furthermore, we conduct our business with a level of transparency and customer service unmatched anywhere else in our industry.

  • 2008

    FIG Tree Capital Ventures, LLC Opens Their Doors

    At FIG Tree we noticed a need to change the way oil and gas companies treat investors. We restructured our projects with investor fairness and transparency as our primary focus. This enabled us to develop relationships with our investor partners that are based on trust and ethics with a vision for long-term continued growth into the future.

  • 2009

    Woodbine Shale, Texas

    FIG Tree Capital ventures sees immediate success leveraging their relationships to develop wells in the famous Texas Woodbine Shale formation. With over 19 total completed wells, there was never a dry well hit.

  • 2013

    Company Enters Bakken Formation in North Dakota

    Building on the success from the Woodbine formation in Texas, FIG Tree Capital Ventures moved on to the hot Bakken Shale play in North Dakota where they had 41 total completed wells with no dry holes.

    FIG Tree completed one well in Dunn County that was a company record and a Dunn County record for the reputable operator Whiting (

  • 2015

    Firm enters the STACK and SCOOP plays in Oklahoma

    FIG Tree tackles the Oklahoma STACK SCOOP plays far ahead of the game setting the foundation for incredible success for the firm and its investor partners. With 9 wells under their belt in the rich Oklahoma shale plays, FIG has much more ground to cover and money to make its investors.

    Anita Fowler Well – Huge Well!
    – Vitruvian Record (
    – FIG Tree Company Record
    Cleburn Well
    – The Anita Fowler Well and Cleburn Well are a part of the Gulfport Acquisition (
    Cleburn Well
    Romanoff Well
    – First 15k lateral well in the high-pressure core of Grady County in Oklahoma.

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