2018 Energy Investment

The oil production industry expects a continued run of the steady growth that it witnessed in 2017. In the year ahead, the industry is positioned to generate more employment and energy investment opportunities, especially in Texas. The second largest state in the US with a higher population than Australia, Texas will be a great magnet and incubator for energy investments of all kinds. Moreover, the resurgence of oil and gas production across the US and the installation of an energy-friendly administration has been a godsend for qualified investors looking for lucrative energy investment opportunities in Texas. Let’s take a look at what all we can expect from 2018.


  • All indications are that the price of Brent Crude will rise this year in light of the November 30 agreement between OPEC and Non-OPEC oil producers to extend 2017 production restraints into the current year. This move has seen experts predicting a notable market rebalance in the second half of the year, with brent crude prices shooting up.


  • The closure of the biggest oil pipeline system in Britain, The Forties Pipeline System, has already seen brent crude prices to close at $64.69 per barrel, the highest it has ever been since June 2005.


  • Although the massive supplies of natural gas are expected to slow brent crude price increase in the US, Moody’s Investor Service still sees a significant rise in oil prices.


  • The production cut extension is good news to US shale producers, whom some OPEC producers would have prefered to keep in the dark. As a result, Fig Tree Capital Ventures expects US year-on-year output to rise with a growth of 1.1 million barrels per day.


  • Political unrest in the Middle East, which partly influenced the rise in brent crude prices towards the close of 2017, is still going to be a strong factor going into 2018.


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