oil and gas investments in North Dakota

The demand for oil and gas is increasing, as most countries largely rely on them to run transportation, businesses, and many other industrial sectors. The return on investment could be substantially higher than the initial capital invested, provided you know how to make a calculated decision when investing in the energy sector around North Dakota or other prospective regions. Besides the financial gains, investing in oil and gas is crucial to ensure that the growing world population has access to the energy it will need in future, even if the world’s economies are implementing the Paris climate agreement to transition to greener technologies. Taking the discussion further, in this blog post, we discuss three reasons why it makes sense to invest in energy programs. Take a look.

To Keep Up with the Growing Demand
Despite the growing support of the transition to green technologies for energy production in the global economy, oil and gas will still remain the foundation for the global energy supply for decades to come. Oil and gas resources will still have to meet 22 percent of the world’s predicted energy demand by 2040. The dependency on oil and gas resources will be the highest roughly two decades down the line. The International Energy Agency projected this scenario in 2016 World Energy Outlook.

To Increase the Production Power
Decreasing production is making it imperative for the oil and gas industry to look out for new resources to meet the growing demand. The oil and gas investments in North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas enable shale owners to increase their drilling and fracking activities to find more reservoirs and create a balance between demand and supply in future.

To Reduce CO2 Emission
The use of natrual gas instead of fuel sources such as coal can reduce the CO2 emission by half, and will be a more environment-friendly way of producing electricity. In addition to this, gas could be used with renewable sources such as sun or wind to increase energy production in tandem as well.

Final Words
An increased amount of investmenting in oil and gas is necessary to meet the growing energy demands of the world while reducing the carbon footprints. Fig Tree Capital Ventures leverages decades of industry knowledge to provide high-yield investment opportunities to its oil and gas investment partners. To learn more about how we can help you ensure a consistent and long-term potential cash flow, give us a call at 866-304-9194

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