energy investment projects in Texas

Energy investment opportunities in Texas and other locations are a big draw for investors seeking lucrative long-term returns. For new entrants, there is some ground to cover before they can be at home with the nitty gritties of the industry and optimizing their investment. That is why players like Fig Tree Capital Ventures are an important cog in the matrix for investors that don’t want to leave anything to chance. To help you get your first footing, this blog covers all you need to know as a new energy investor.

Research is the Key
Research is key to success when investing in energy. There are many avenues that are open to qualified investors and you need intimate details about the wells or drilling projects under your consideration in terms of the reserves and other crucial aspects. You will also need to familiarize with energy markets and the global economy. A few sources of useful information on reserves, production rates, forecasts, pricing data, and the global economy include:

  • Energy Information Administration (EIA)
  • International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • CME Group
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Energy and Capital
  • FigTree Capital Ventures Blog

There are also a number of energy indexes that you need to keep a watchful eye on to feel the heartbeat of specific energy markets. Indexes reflect the performance of a cluster of companies that operate in them. Prominent indexes include:

  • Dow Jones US Select Oil Equipment and Services Index
  • Dow Jones Global Utilities Index
  • Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index

Types of Oil and Gas Investments
There are a number of ways to approach oil and gas investments. You have four options from which to choose and configure your oil and gas investment, namely:

Exploration involves acquiring land and investing in drilling. Such investments can pay significantly if oil is struck, 10 times over or even more. However, huge losses are also known to happen if the activities fail to locate any reserves.

This involves acquiring land near verified reserves in the hope of unlocking value. The activities are of a less speculative nature when compared to exploration, although risk is still involved.

These type of projects involve the lease or purchase of land that features proven reserves. It is considered the safest option as it is more about income as opposed to speculation. Investors naturally seek to turn a profit over and above their expenses.

Services and Support
Services and Support covers a vast array of services offered to companies involved in oil and gas exploration and development including transport, drilling and refining hardware and equipment manufacture, shipping, and construction and rigging.

Looking for Energy Investment Opportunities? We Can Help!
FigTree Capital Ventures is ideally placed to help you find the right footing when leveraging energy investment projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and other areas. We give you access to vetted projects that meet your investment objectives and risk profile. Talk to us today to get more information on how we can help you grow or diversify your investment with energy investment opportunities in Texas. Call us at 866 300 2170 or email at

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