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Investing in a turnkey property means that you do not have to hire a construction or renovation company to improve the property before renting it out. Turnkey properties, however, are usually distressed properties, but in a decent/good neighbourhood. Due to their condition, many investors assume that they are not as profitable, which is simply untrue provided they know their way around the complex market. This is where FIG Tree Capital Ventures, a full-service real estate investment firm, can help. We help our investment partners in identifying and investing in the best turnkey investment properties in Dallas and nearby areas. To give you a head start, this blog busts four common myths about turnkey investment properties. Take a look.

Myth 1: Turnkey Investments are Too Risky
Although all investments come with a certain amount of risk, the distressed nature of some turnkey investments can make investors think that they are too risky. In reality, turnkey property investments are some of the lowest-risk real estate investments, unlike stocks that can climb and plummet several times a day. Real estate markets move more slowly and are easier to predict, which makes them a safer investment option.

Myth 2: Investors Need to Make Large Payments
Although every investment, be it stocks or real estate, requires some initial capital, people sometimes wrongly assume that turnkey properties need a huge down payment. The myth is fueled by the notion among some potential investors that a completed project will be more expensive than other real estate opportunities. The truth is that the prices in many markets are lower than ever on turnkey properties, especially on foreclosures.

Myth 3: You’ll Get Rich Quick
Although turnkey investments give you an effective way to accrue wealth, it won’t happen overnight. Anyone who tells you that investing in a rental property will get you rich quickly might be more interested in profiting from bad advice rather than considering your financial goals. Real estate properties usually appreciate over time and can deliver high returns on your investment in the long run.

Myth 4: It’s a Full-Time Job
Every investment demands some time and efforts, apart from the capital, to ensure success. You may need to do some research, but that doesn’t mean it would be a full time job, as FIG Tree Capital Ventures is here to help. We can oversee and predict any fluctuations in the market conditions and advise you to make changes to your investment plan according to those changes, while remaining loyal to your long term investment goals.

Wrapping Up
FIG Tree Capital Ventures has years of experience in identifying and investing in profitable turnkey investment properties. We specialize in the acquisition, development, and management of pre-foreclosure, off-market, at-auction, and bank-owned turnkey properties in metropolitan cities of Dallas and Oklahoma. If you are planning to invest in turnkey investment properties, FIG Tree Capital can be your trusted investment partner that can help you achieve your financial goals. To learn more about available real estate investment projects in Dallas and other areas, fill out our contact form, and our experts will get back with you, shortly. You can also reach us at 866-304-9194.

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