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The world runs on oil, which is why it is such a hot topic politically, and also a lucrative investment for qualified investors. The recent tax reform and movements by OPEC and Non-OPEC countries have all contributed in making the US a magnet for oil and gas investors. Specifically, with North Dakota and Texas, oil and gas investments rank among the top of the list for opportunities. Despite being such a force, the oil industry is plagued with a lot of myths and disinformation, due to which a lot of investors are reluctant in investing their money. To gauge how much Americans know about the oil industry, Aries Residence Suites conducted a survey in which they posed six questions to a sample of 455 Americans. Here is a sampling of the findings to help clear up your understanding.

Which Country Does the US Import the Most Oil From?

From the 455 surveyees, 314 (68%) believe it’s Saudi Arabia, 79 (17%) Canada, 25 (5%) Mexico, while 37 (8%) believe it to be Mexico.

Correct Answer
The correct answer is Canada.
Contrary to what most people believe, the US only imports about 13 percent of its oil from Saudi Arabia, while the Great White North provides a massive 33+ percent.

Which US state has the Most Oil?

According to 232 surveyees (51%), Alaska has the most oil, 145 (32%) think it’s Texas; 68 (15%) believe its North Dakota; while 10 (2%) think it’s California.

Correct Answer
The correct answer is Texas.
Texas boasts about 12 billion barrels, making it rank 10th in the world when it comes to oil reserves.

Which Country Produces the Most Oil?

A massive 254 (56%) believed it was Saudi Arabia; 97 (21%) thought it to be Iran; 79 (17%) said it was the US, while 25 (5%) said Canada.

Correct Answer
The correct answer is the US.

Wrap Up
Oil exploration and drilling projects in the US present great investment opportunities for qualified investors. However, to realize the true potential of oil and gas investments, investors need to partner with a trusted firm that gives them access to carefully vetted and lucrative Texas oil and gas investments. Fig Tree Capital Ventures is one such name. We are a Texas based oil and gas company that provides direct investment opportunities in Texas, North Dakota and Oklahoma. Call today to get more information on how you can take advantage of Texas oil and gas investment opportunities. Find an Advisor today or call us at 866-304-9194.

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