A Beginner’s Guide to Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities

Improved methods and technology have enabled energy companies to drill into proven and developed oil fields and discover new ones more efficiently. As the industry promises high returns owing to the constant increase in demand, there has been a substantial increase in the number of investors turning...
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Answering 5 FAQs about Oil & Gas Investment Tax Deduction

Oil and gas is one of the most lucrative investment options available to high networth individuals and accredited investors. Investing in oil and gas entails numerous benefits with the highlights being potentially sustainable ROI, diversification of portfolio, and massive tax breaks. Many investors,...
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5 Interesting Facts about the US Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas is one of the most flourishing and profitable industries in the US. It propels several other major industries such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics. High net worth individuals often invest in oil and gas as it helps in diversifying their investment portfolio and delivers sustainable long-...
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Top 4 Oil & Gas Producing States in the US

The US, over the past decade, has positioned itself at the top of the global crude oil production chain, dethroning Saudi Arabia and Russia. The oil output from the US has doubled during the period and it is playing a key role in influencing the global energy landscape. Out of all the oil produced i...
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On the Brink of America’s “True Energy Revolution”

As is the case with any major purchase or investment, energy investment opportunities also require investors to have a basic understanding of the trends in the industry. While it is difficult to accurately predict the future, an informed investor can, to a large extent, foresee market behavior by st...
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Striking Benefits of Investing in Oil and Gas

Accredited investors and high net worth individuals are continuously in search of investment opportunities capable of delivering higher returns. Speaking of enhanced returns, the oil and gas sector is one of the most promising fields for qualified investors. As the demand of oil and gas doesn’t se...
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