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Oil and gas make the world go round and the trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. With the energy market experiencing a continuously growing demand for oil and gas, investments in this area can be exceptionally profitable. First-time investors, however, may need the guidance of an energy investment consultant before taking the plunge. As a leading energy investment consultant firm, FIG Tree Capital Ventures identifies, evaluates, and facilitates potential high-return oil and gas investment opportunities, enabling qualified investors to increase the wealth in their portfolios. To help you get started, in this post, we discuss four types of oil and gas investments. Read on.

1. Exploration
In this type of investment, accredited investors invest in drilling projects. If the energy exploring company strikes oil, the investment can pay off up to 10 times or even more. Oil and gas exploration companies with a high tolerance rate for investment risks are best suited for this investment option.

2. Development
Development projects involve drilling in near-proven energy reserves and have proven to be another effective way to invest in oil and gas. The long-term profitability depends upon how you unearth further value in these reserves. This type of investment is less risky and brings greater returns than existing reserves as the drilling activity has yet to start.

3. Income Generation
Another area in the oil and gas industry where you can invest in are projects involving the acquisition of land/mineral rights, either purchased or leased, with proven oil and gas reserves. This investment option is ideal for those who seek a steady stream of passive income and have the capacity to take on more risk than other investors.

4. Support Services
Investing in support services such as logistics, transportation, and construction is another way for investors to get started in the energy sector. The distinction of this avenue is that profits are independent of fuel prices. For instance, pipeline companies charge certain fees on a per-barrel basis, and make more or less the same amount regardless of fuel prices.

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Hope these energy investment tips help you take the next step in the highly promising world of oil and gas investments. If you are looking for an energy investment consultant that can guide you towards high-return direct investment opportunities promising assured and steady cash flow, get in touch with FIG Tree Capital Ventures. To learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call (866) 300-2170/(866) 894-7309.

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