Oil and Gas Investments USA

Energy resources have contributed in shaping society and defined progress since the modern industrial age began. The intrinsic value of energy resources is the reason they are categorized as hard assets, when it comes to capital investments. In this post, we look at the early history of oil and gas, and how oil and gas investment opportunities are now the rage among high net worth investors. If you too are planning to invest in the energy sector, FIG Tree Capital Ventures can guide you through the investment process in identify promising oil and gas investment opportunities that have the potential for untapped returns. Read on.

Early History
American exploration, production, and development companies have bought and sold oil and gas commodities for more than a century. The process of finding oil wells, making the most out of them, and using the cash flow to find other oil resources has shaped the history of human civilization. Truth be told, the energy sector has witnessed major changes since man first discovered this important resource. From the establishment of the first Standard Oil Company in 1865 by John D. Rockefeller to World War II, the energy sector is only growing, uninterrupted.

Modern History
Oil and gas investment opportunities have grown exponentially during the last few decades and is reflected by the number of drilling companies and oil wells that have been created. Since 2007, about $40 billion worth of oil and gas assets have changed hands annually, as energy companies restructure their portfolios. The compelling combination of cash flow and tax advantages has prompted investment companies and investors to focus on the energy sector. As far as the future is concerned, industry analysts have predicted opportunites worth more than $1.6 trillion in Donald Trump’s infrastructure plans for energy and other sectors.

Joining the Movement
Oil and gas have played a central role in making our lives easier, and will continue to do so for years to come. Natural gas, a renewable energy source, is also gaining popularity; thanks to its less damaging environmental waste. Needless to say, the world needs more oil and gas resources, which explains why oil and gas companies are constantly drilling and exploring new resources. To make the most of the opportunities, however, you need a reputable investment consultant with extensive experience and proven expertise in providing direct investment options in the oil and gas sector.

The Way Ahead
If you have been planning to invest in oil and gas, the experts at FIG Tree Capital Ventures can be help you identify promising direct investment opportunities in the US and be your guide every step of the way. To get answers to your questions, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you, shortly. Alternatively, you can call us at 866-304-9194 . You can also check out our ongoing energy projects by clicking here.

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