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A quick sell is appealing, but it’s less competition that makes off-market properties more desirable in the real estate market. An off-market property is either selling or already sold without any public advertising. It could be a pre-foreclosure property that is not advertised or any property that an investor is planning to sell, but hasn’t put in substantial efforts to publically make the property known to buyers. An off-market property is a hot-commodity in the real estate market, but finding one could be real difficult. When you are on a look-out for a profitable deal that has less competition and not sure of where to start, this insider’s guide is worth a read.

Direct Marketing
Real estate investment firms often send direct mails or advertise in local newspapers that they want to purchase an off-market property. There are times when homeowners aren’t sure if they want to sell their property until they are offered a lucrative deal.

Estate Attorneys
Estate attorneys usually have assets such as real estate which they want to sell quickly. Getting in touch with these attorneys can give you insider access to the properties that might be up for sale in near future.

Public Records and Auctions
A property that is up for foreclosure or short sale is usually on the public record and keeping yourself updated means preparing in advance for an auction. Go through local newspapers and check state and government websites to stay up-to-date so that you are already done with a good amount of research. Have your property research done with an estimated budget in mind so you can bid smart on the day of the auction.

Word of Mouth
When you are familiar with the people in the area, where you are actively looking for an off-market deal, chances are that the news that a property is up for sale will come to you quickly through your trusted network. These people in the neighborhood might be more willing to help you.

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Real estate investments can be tricky, especially when you aren’t a seasoned investor. Fig Tree has a team of fund managers who will be happy to search properties with the potential to deliver high-yield direct investment options with a two year exit strategy and a potential annual cash flow of around 8-12 percent. For details call (866) 300-2170. Alternatively, you may fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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