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North Dakota’s Bakken shale has been experiencing phenomenal growth in oil and gas output in recent times. Figtree Capital Ventures is actively leveraging the lucrative energy investment opportunities in North Dakota and other areas on behalf of qualified investors. While production is experiencing runaway growth, the state imposes flaring limits which threaten to stifle the upward movement. To find a way around the problem, the North Dakota Industrial Commission has approved a study to explore the feasibility of storing some of the gas in geological formations.

Who is behind the study?
The study, funded to the tune of $140,000, is the brainchild of the University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center out of Grand Forks. The results of the investigation into the storage of produced gas in geological formations were submitted in December 2018 to the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

Study focus areas
There are a couple of areas on which the study is focused as North Dakota seeks to be the first state in the country to be able to capture and geologically store produced gas. These constitute an interrogation of the technology and cover aspects such as:

  • The most suitable type or types of formations for the storage
  • Regulatory and statutory obstacles that may demand engaging the legislature


The study comes at a time when the state has set record all-time highs in terms of daily production and the number of producing wells. The move to geologically store produced gas is meant to boost production and not discourage energy investing in North Dakota infrastructure development. It actually helps fill the void that often arises as infrastructure tries to catch up with rising production. The move is also designed to cater to problems that are anticipated in the future such as with transmission out of the state.

Wrap Up
Energy investing in North Dakota remains one of the most lucrative options that promise some great long term returns. Fig Tree Capital Ventures gives you a safe route to North Dakota energy investing programs. We leverage years on industry knowledge and networks to identify promising North Dakota energy investment programmes, give great quality advice to investors, and manage their portfolios. Talk to us today to discover amazing energy investment opportunities in North Dakota and get answers to all your questions. Call us at 866 300 2170 or mail us at

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