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As is the case with any major purchase or investment, energy investment opportunities also require investors to have a basic understanding of the trends in the industry. While it is difficult to accurately predict the future, an informed investor can, to a large extent, foresee market behavior by studying the past. While getting started, energy direct investment programs have gotten a lot simpler with the help of industry specialists such as Fig Tree Capital Ventures, you too must know what you are getting into and what to expect.

Staring an Energy Revolution
Consider this information from the Global Energy Institute, an effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which states:

“America is in the midst of a true energy revolution. After decades of fear over potential energy scarcity, we are now in an era of energy abundance, driven by technological innovation and American know-how.

“But will we have the wisdom to capitalize on this opportunity? If we develop smart policies, we can use affordable and abundant energy to launch a manufacturing revival, improve our trade deficit, effectively increase household spending power, and revitalize America’s economy”

While the statement doesn’t leave much to speculation as far as the potential of energy investment opportunities is concerned, it is advisable for investors to partner with a reputable energy investment firm that can help them avoid possible pitfalls.

What Voters are Saying
Does the population of the U.S. agree? Study the past to get a better idea of where energy investment opportunities will be in 2019. In the November 2018, midterm elections, House and Senate races were front and center in the news. However, “clear trends emerged” according to institute research.

Failed votes on such topics as carbon-fee emissions in Washington state helped establish the trend. Voters in Colorado rejected a ballot attempting to keep oil and gas in the ground. Adding to this negative response from the population, citizens in Arizona turned down a proposed constitutional amendment “that would have required 50% of electricity to come from renewable resources.”

Leading in Oil Production
You may want to revisit some important information from a bit earlier in 2018, when the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that the United States was again the largest producer of crude oil on the planet. Not only is this the first time since 1970 this has been true, the country was importing about two-thirds of its oil just a decade ago.

What factors are responsible for this change? The EIA points to technology advancements and innovation in several specific areas, including hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. In addition, offshore oil exploration continues to push the U.S. ahead of other energy producers.

Looking for Direct Energy Investment Programs? Talk to Us!
It’s certainly not possible to make infallible decisions based on these few ballot events, but voters seem to be encouraging continued private investment without bowing to government mandates. So, it might be the perfect time to ask the investment consultants at FIG Tree Capital Ventures for help with portfolio diversification, in energy or real estate, both of which offer excellent long-term potential. Just fill out the contact form, or call (866) 300-1885.

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