Oil and Gas Investments

Types of Oil and Gas Investments and their Tax Benefits

Oil and gas represents an investment opportunity that delivers potentially high returns to investors, and a number of exclusive tax advantages. The U.S. government is encouraging domestic production of oil and natural gas to lower the dependence on imported sources, making domestic oil and gas inves...
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Oil and Gas Investment

4 Key Factors in Oil and Gas Investment Decision-Making

Oil and natural gas are hard assets with the potential to generate high returns and a source of passive income. Their negative correlation to mainstream investment opportunities, such as stocks and bonds, renders investments in the energy sector resistant to short-term market fluctuations. If you ar...
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Accredited investor

3 Ways to Qualify as an Accredited Investor

Drilling and producing hydrocarbons from proven oil and natural gas fields is a time-tested, consistent, and low-risk avenue for qualified accredited investors. With direct investment opportunities booming in domestic oil and gas drilling, the dynamics have never been more promising for investors. F...
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Oil and gas investments

OPEC Decision: A Bane or Boon for Shale Drillers?

The OPEC’s decision to curb oil output for the first time in 8 years resulted in an 8 percent surge in oil price. Experts see the move as a realization that the hope of drowning producers with cheap oil was a failed effort to kill the American oil boom. The big questions here is: “Whether [&...
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