Emerging Technologies Investment

Every once in a while, a star is born in the silicon valley, signalling the continued runaway growth of the tech industry. The investment opportunities in emerging technologies are a very powerful magnet to newbie angel investors looking to be the seed behind the next big thing in the silicon valley. Technology investment companies provide the best investment vehicle for newbie investors and veterans alike. Let’s look at some pro tips that you ought to remember when you set out to grab a piece of the pie in the technology boom.

New vs Old School Approaches
First of all, you need to know what you are getting into and how best you can position yourself to optimize your returns in investment opportunities in emerging technologies. The old tried and tested method takes cognizance of the fact that seed investment into a tech company locks-in your capital for a long time. You don’t go all in at once at the beginning as there is almost always a need for a second investment. The idea is to sprinkle some capital into a bunch of tech startups and give them time to grow. If, after some time, they prove to be promising, you can then proceed to give them more money. The objective is to see them through to success or being bought by large players.

Why the New Approach is More Likely to Fail
The new approach of sprinkling money across many companies and waiting to strike jackpot often fails for many obvious reasons.

1. If investing at low prices at the initial stages of startups and riding out the tide is all you know how to do, you have an inherent inability to protect your investment. Startups will often meet numerous bumps along the way requiring you to make a follow-up investment to escape ruin and fortify your position.

2. The trend by rookie investors of sprinkling money over many startups with no capacity for follow up investments results in over-priced companies that have no capacity to survive the bumpy road ahead.

Get Security in Numbers and Expertise
Fig Tree Capital Ventures offers a unique opportunity to qualified investors looking to take advantage of investment opportunities in emerging technologies. We work with experienced and reputable partners to identify and bring you unique direct investment opportunities in emerging tech startups. Our expertise helps us to identify projects that promise sizeable returns while attempting to minimize risk with clear exit strategies. Talk to us today to discuss available investment opportunities with the best technology investment company. You can call us at (866) 304 9194 or mail at info@www.figtreecapitalventures.com. You can also fill out our contact form, and your personal advisor will get in touch with you.

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