From healthcare to lifestyle, technology is everywhere, with AI, IoT, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain poised to be the major technological advances of the future. That explains the consistent increase in the number of investors turning to technology investment opportunities. What many people don’t realize is that wireless power is at the core of each of these upcoming technologies. If not for wireless power, more than half of our everyday tech appliances would be non existent. While Fig Tree Capital Ventures can always help you invest in emerging technologies, understanding their influence is important to formulate an effective technology investment strategy. On that note, we present to you five ways in which wireless power is transforming the world. Take a look.

1. Foundation for IoT

Internet of Things is a technology that lets you control devices remotely with the help of sensors, wireless power and cloud technology. IoT helps you in making your everyday appliances “smart.” Soon, IoT will be everywhere, starting with anything from the glass in your windows to the car you drive. Most appliances and gadgets can be embedded with IoT sensors and turned into a smart device. The sensors used in everyday products will interact with you and give you constant information. For implementing IoT wireless power plays a key role as the communication between any appliance and you will be done via a wireless medium.

2. Enhanced Security and Safety

From locating lost items to your business’ inventory, wireless power can secure almost anything. Imagine receiving a ping on your smartphone when someone tries to access your car or when your dog tries to leave your yard, wireless power makes all of this possible. In terms of safety, wireless power helps you eliminate the potential for electric shock. It is found that electricity is the fourth most common cause for house fires. With the help of wireless power, such incidents can be prevented. We can also prevent tripping hazards due to electric cords in warehouses, hospitals, workplaces and other key environments.

3. Increased Potential for Better Healthcare

The Pacemaker is a brilliant innovation that saves countless lives every year. For robust functioning of medical devices such as the pacemaker, we could benefit from a safe and reliable source for wireless power. Medical devices send and receive important data about the human body. By leveraging wireless power, there is an increased potential of building newer and safer medical devices to save lives and lengthen lifespans.

4. Lesser Risk of Accidents

Autopilot systems are on the rise. We now have autopilot enabled cars manufactured by every top car manufacturer. For autopilot systems to function, the underlying technology needs the help of wireless power to communicate between the sensors planted in various parts of the car. Apart from road accidents, other accidents such as a trip or fall triggered by a plumbing leak or electrical shock from a faulty wire can be recognised with the help of sensors that can send information to your smartphone with the help of a wireless network. Innovations like these built with the help of wireless power can lower the risk of future accidents.

5. More Efficient Workplaces

In any typical workplace, a dead phone, laptop or any other electronic appliance is a common annoyance. Losing productivity because of a trivial reason such as a lack of power is frustrating. Imagine a world where one doesn’t need to consciously charge his or her devices every once in a while. There will be a huge boost in productivity and lesser time will be spent on such menial tasks.

Wrap Up

Wireless power isn’t a standalone independent technology that can produce marvels by itself. What it does is it provides you the foundation and fuel to build applications, appliances and technologies. Wireless power is a foundation on top of which we can build our future technologies. If you’re a high networth individual on the lookout for technology investment opportunities, Fig Tree Capital Ventures is here to help. Our dedicated technology managers give you their undivided attention and help you invest in emerging technologies that generate sustainable income while simultaneously helping you positively impact the world. To learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call (866) 300-2170.

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