Energy Projects in North Dakota

Bakken oil production is at its all time high since 2000. Thanks to the advent of advanced drilling technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, North Dakota became the second largest oil-producer in the US in 2014 – only next to Texas – as a result of increased oil production in the Bakken shale reserve. These figures validate North Dakota as one of the most promising investment avenues for qualified investors. FIG Tree Capital ventures, a true venture capital investment firm based in Texas, has many projects underway in North Dakota, all running on the incredible potential of the Bakken Shale. This blog post highlights three such energy projects in North Dakota that are delivering high returns to investors.

1. FIG Hoffman 3 Well
As the name suggests, the project comprises of three horizontally drilled wells, all located in North Dakota and part of the Bakken Shale reserve. The collective oil production from the wells, from 08/14 and 12/14, reached an impressive 154500 BBLS. Gas production is fairly promising too, with a yield of 284716 MCF so far for the same period, which makes it a safe option for investors to enjoy a steady stream of income.
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2. FIG Fedeler 1-33H
The FIG Fedeler 1-33H targets the Bakken shale reserve, which was producing more than a million barrels of oil per day. A horizontal oil well located in Mckenzie county of North Dakota, the project yielded 27,597 BBLS within a span of eight months, from 04/14 to 12/14. During the same period, the gas production of the well touched 24,823 MCF. All in all, the project has all the traits of a promising avenue for oil and gas investors.
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3. FIG Hess Tom Jen Multiwell
The FIG Hess Tom Jen Multiwell is one of the longest running energy projects in North Dakota.  The project’s oil production, from 02/13 to 12/14, touched 65,835 BBLS, whereas the gas production from the same period stood at 76,858 MCF. Ever since, this project in Bakken Shale has delivered a consistently increasing yield, which makes it one of the most profitable energy projects in North Dakota.
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The Bottom Line
Any direct investment in North Dakota, Texas, or Oklahoma energy projects requires a fair amount of due diligence and performance evaluation of the top producing wells in the surrounding regions. Investors need to consider a firm’s past performance when making an investment decision. FIG Tree Capital Ventures provides an array of direct investment opportunities in energy, oil and gas projects in North Dakota, Texas, and Oklahoma in proven oil wells. To learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call (866) 300-2170.

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