Real Estate Investments

The election of Donald Trump as POTUS is expected to positively impact many industries, including real estate. Thanks to his real estate background and aggressive policymaking, his presidency is expected to bring positive changes in the real estate sector. Real estate is a key sector of the US economy, consistently producing promising investment opportunities. With Trump’s presidency characterized by unprecedented policy changes, the real estate industry seems to be promising an ocean of untapped wealth for investors. This post discusses a few factors that will prove beneficial for real estate investors in the near future. Read on.

Lowered Taxes and Free Market
Trump’s presidency will likely lead to significant changes to the tax structure, which could prompt holding companies to sell some of their real estate portfolios. This will provide accredited investors with some great real estate investment opportunities in the USA. The new administration is poised to reduce business regulations, which would ultimately allow lenders to be more liberal with underwriting standards, and more nontraditional lenders to enter residential lending markets.

More Jobs, Higher Housing Prices
Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”, is accompanied by an unmistakable mantra, ‘America First’, which points directly to the fact that he wants to generate more jobs for Americans. His policies will lead to a chain of events, including an increase in demand as well as value of homes. The increased demand will generate need for more housing projects, benefiting high-value investors looking to invest in promising multifamily housing projects.

Stricter Immigration Laws
Although the pros and cons of stricter immigration policies and laws are still being debated, one thing is for sure; it may prove to be a positive move for real estate investors. Home builders often rely on immigrant labor, which helps them keep a check on the costs when developing or maintaining their assets. With the new laws in place, builders are expected to struggle finding skilled workers, which would drive the labor costs up, with the end result being soaring housing prices, and an increase in demand of the existing real estate assets.

The Time to Invest is “Now”!
If truth be told, Trump is a real estate person. Since his election as POTUS, his actions and pronouncements clearly reflect his intentions to boost the real estate sector. The factors discussed in the blog are undeniable for American and international investors looking to reap long-term returns from real estate investments in the U.S. It is however important for investors to conduct a thorough analysis of the real estate market and practice due diligence to identify promising real estate investments in the USA. If you too are contemplating real estate investments, FIG Tree Capital Ventures can be your trusted investment partner. To learn more, simply call 866-304-9194.

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