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Ever since Tesla demonstrated the feasibility of wireless power transmission in 1891, the world has never been the same. Massive advances are being made in the realm of wireless power transmission, with a number of new technology investment opportunities coming onto the scene. While those in the know will attest to the endless possibilities enshrined in wireless technology as reflected in the exponential rise in the number of people looking to invest in technology startups dealing in wireless technologies, some in the public either still wonder how it works or whether it is safe at all for humans and pets.

The basics of wireless power transmission
Wireless transmission of power uses a technology that takes you back to physics class, magnetic induction. It works with 2 coils, one being the transmitter coil and the other a receiving coil. A magnetic field is generated by an alternating current in the transmitter coil inducing a voltage in the receiver coil. The voltage can then be used to power devices that function on an electric current.

How safe is wireless power?
The biological effect of exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) has been studied extensively. There are basic restrictions regulating acceptable public exposure to EMF, such as IEEE C95.1 2005, ICNIRP 1998 (0Hz – 300 GHz), and ICNIRP 2010 (1Hz – 100KHz) According to the scientific committee, “ there is no substantive evidence that adverse health effects can occur to people exposed to levels at or below ICNIRP set limits.” Although the human body functions through the transfer of electrons, the process is largely chemical than electrical. If the frequency of the wireless power is, for instance, at 60 – 70 Hz like household appliances, the resultant wave length is too large to penetrate the human body. You can read more about EMF exposure limits in the USA here.

Investment Opportunities in Wireless Power
Although it has been long since Tesla demoed the feasibility of transmitting power through the air in 1891, wireless power still has a long way to go. This is also despite the the technology going mainstream in the form of wireless phone charging. Lots of research is still underway as there are countless ways the technology can be refined and harnessed to improve people’s quality of life and spawn a new breed of electrical devices. That is why investment opportunities in the technology sector are worth your consideration if you are looking to be part of the next big thing.

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