US energy investment

US oil and gas production is at an all-time high and the boost can be attributed to an increased demand and advancements in technology that have made it possible for exploration and production companies to increase production. If you are thinking about making some long-term investments, the US energy sector has some profitable oil and gas investment opportunities. All you need to do is partner with a reliable investment firm such as FIG Tree Capital Ventures to help you identify the investment projects that hold the potential for promising returns. To help you make the most of oil and gas investments, we present some important updates from the energy sector. Take a look.

US Becomes a Net Oil Exporter
Breaking the dependency of almost 75 years on foreign oil, the US has finally become a net exporter of oil. The shift can be attributed to the sudden boom in American oil production with Permian region of Texas, Bakken in North Dakota, and other shale regions have their wells pumping energy resources.

US Energy Secretary Meets Al-Kaabi
The current Minister of Energy in Qatar, Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, met with US Energy Secretary Rick Perry to discuss bilateral ties and co-operation in the energy field among the two countries. The meeting strongly focused on strengthening existing energy ties between Qatar and America to boost oil production and distribution.

Trump’s China Trade Truce Good for US Oil Exports
President Trump’s trade ceasefire with China will benefit U.S. oil exports, contributing towards the US sustaining its leadership among oil and gas producing countries. Another reason the trade truce is advantageous for the US is because China is expected to buy about 800,000 barrels of oil per day from the US, for two giant refineries opening in 2019.

Planning to Make an Oil and Gas Investment?
The dream that the U.S. President Donald Trump has branded as “Energy Independence” is inching towards reality, paving the way for new investment opportunities in the energy sector. Even when you are aware of the latest developments in the oil and gas industry, it is important to partner with a reliable oil and gas investment company such as FIG Tree Capital Ventures. Start by filling out our contact form or call 866 304-9194.

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