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Nikola Tesla, born on July 10, 1856 during an “electrical storm”, has been a key contributor in shaping the world as we know it today. Most of today’s technological marvels such as radio, radar, X-ray machines, wireless communication and perhaps the biggest one, AC power, can be traced back to the work of this scientific visionary who lived way ahead of his time. The realization of each of his inventions came after a hard-fought battle against an unconvinced public and insecure authorities. Even today, a lot of Tesla’s ideas are coming to life, and wireless power is one of them. The technology represents one of the most attractive emerging technology investments. Let’s take a closer look at the proposition.

What is Wireless Power?
Wireless is the future of all technology. Phones are no longer attached to walls, the internet no longer needs a cable to connect to your computer, and smartphones are now charging wirelessly. Welcome to the new world where a new generation is revisiting Tesla’s discoveries and making previously hidden connections. Research into wireless power began at Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower) in New York, which is an early Wireless Power Transmission Station built in 1902. The Electrical Engineer was able to demonstrate that electromagnetic energy can be transferred wirelessly. He also foresaw a future where all electric devices would get their energy from energy in space.

Where are We Today?
The future that Tesla postulated about is here, as researchers build on his findings to make groundbreaking discoveries that dwarf all wireless power technologies on the market. The scientific advance is miles ahead of anything that is currently on the market and is set to revolutionize worldwide distribution systems for energy- and wave-based communications. Transmission of unlimited amounts of electricity around the world is on the cards as well as unlimited storage and conditioning of electricity using the world’s first AC battery.

Be an Early Bird!
If you wish to take advantage of promising emerging technology investments, wireless power deserves your attention. FIG Tree Capital Ventures gives you an opportunity to invest in promising wireless technology companies and be a part of an exciting and rewarding future. Check out the details about our wireless power project or talk to an advisor to learn more about how you can best position yourself. Simply call 866-304-9194 or email us at You can also send a message and we will get back with you, shortly.

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