For Miller, Viziv’s mission to “Power the Planet and Bring Light to the World” has more to do with improving the quality of life for people everywhere than it does with any specific aspect of our technology.

If you’ve noticed the unique-looking tower off I-35 East just outside Waxahachie and wondered, “What the what?” … you’re not alone. The structure belongs to Viziv Technologies, which is the culmination of more than four decades of research in the field of Electromagnetic Surface Waves, says Brig. Gen. Michael Miller, CEO of Viziv Technologies. The research focuses mainly on methods to propagate the electromagnetic phenomenon known as the Zenneck surface wave, he says. Unlike traditional radio waves (i.e. television, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.), Zenneck surface waves are guided along the earth’s surface. Viziv’s primary engineering focus is development of a means to synthesize this surface wave in “real world” conditions.

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