Small Public-Private Research Testing South of Dallas Could Yield Electricity Delivery Breakthrough

A “strange looking” tower near the city of Milford, about 50 miles south of Dallas, is the talk of the town.

Or was, until Waxahachie-based Viziv Technologies let it be known that it’s an experiment that could lead to an advance in the delivery of electricity.

Milford residents have been wondering what the tower if for, with concerns and theories abounding, but now Viziv is putting their concerns to rest by explaining its ambitious research there.

The company is partnering with Baylor’University Research and Innovation Collaborative to test “surface waves” for broadcast signals and GPS functions, but within a few years the collaboration hopes to deliver on the scientific theory of distributing electricity through the air rather than using high-tension wires.

“We’re focusing early-on, on continuous signaling, things like regional GPS, radio navigation and broadcast signaling,” Viziv’s Michael Taylor told Waco’s KXXV-TV, emphasizing that the tower presents no harm to the public.

A Viziv spokesman said making good on inventor Nokola Tesla‘s 1890s theories and experiments that electricity can be delivered through the atmosphere may take ten years, but that’s one goal.

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