Real Estate Investment Fund Opportunities for Maximum Returns

FIG Tree Capital Ventures, equipped with extensive experience in real estate investment management, offers high-yield direct investment options with 2 year exit strategies and potential annual cash flow yield of 8-12+ percent. Specializing in the acquisition, development and management of pre-foreclosure, off-market, at-auction and bank-owned real estate assets, we enable our investment partners to create a real estate based portfolio and target properties in major metropolitan areas of Texas and Oklahoma with other potential areas available as emerging markets prove profitable.

Real Estate Projects

The FIG Tree Edge

The FIG Real Estate Acquisition Fund has a team of fund managers to search for properties with the potential to deliver the highest optimum returns on real property. Here are some of the factors that make us one of the most trusted real estate investment groups in USA:

Extensive Network

We have a wide network of relationships with access to wholesale property to acquire off-market real estate before it is introduced in the open market. Our relationships enable us to offer a long-term investment option in real estate that has the potential to deliver sizeable returns.

Seamless Management

Our team of real estate managers provide comprehensive assistance to help you make the right investment decisions, and saves you from all the hassles involved with real estate investment management. Simply connect with one of our consultants and we will take it from there.

Reliable Investments

With the emergence of growth in the metropolitan areas of Texas and Oklahoma, it has become an extremely profitable real estate market with tons of opportunities for investors. Our strategy of buying old houses, fixing them up, and then flipping them coupled with our ability to get access to off-the-market wholesale real estate deals, makes us one of the best options for hands off real estate investing that saves you the headache of doing it on your own, your time and your money.

All Cash Purchase

The FIG Real Estate Acquisition Fund does 100 percent cash purchases with no debt, which provides us an edge over competitors or investors leveraging financing to fund their purchases. The “all cash” acquisition allows us to save a substantial amount we would have paid as interest to the bank, which reflects in your returns.

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