Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Oklahoma

FIG Tree Capital Ventures offers high-yield direct real estate investment options in Oklahoma, with 2-year exit strategies and potential annual cash flow yield of 8-12+ percent. We specialize in the acquisition, development, and management of pre-foreclosure, off-market, at-auction and bank-owned real estate assets. As your investment partner in real estate investments in Oklahoma city, we enable you to create a real estate based portfolio and target properties in the major metropolitan Oklahoma and other areas with emerging markets and opportunities.

Real Estate Projects

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Generate Passive Income
Real estate investments present one of the easiest ways to generate a regular passive income. In addition, the cash flow generated from real estate ventures is more predictable and stable than other investments.

Ensure Consistent Appreciation
Unlike other investment options, such as stocks and bonds, real estate investments have an inflation hedge. Real estate properties are known to constantly appreciate over time, which is attributable to ever increasing demand for new developments and reconstruction.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio
The demand for real estate properties is bound to increase in the times to come, which will result in a proportionate increase in the number of opportunities investors would have to diversify their portfolios.

Why Partner with FIG Tree?

Extensive Experience
We have years of experience in identifying real estate properties with potential to deliver high returns. Leveraging deep domain expertise, we identify an array of real estate investment assets, including pre-foreclosure, off-market, at-auction and bank-owned properties.

Transparent Approach
We, at FIG Tree, are committed to building unwavering customer relationships, based on integrity and transparency. We follow a holistic approach in managing your investments and exercise transparency at each step of the way.

Comprehensive Risk Management
No investment avenue is completely immune to volatility, with real estate being no exception. We deploy a comprehensive risk management strategy to deliver the highest possible risk-adjusted returns to our investment partners.

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